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List of residential & commercial plumbing services.

Leak Detection & Repairs

  Commercial properties often face either water or drain/sewer lines leaks. Leaks can be much more discreet than most major plumbing disasters. However, if they are not properly handled in a timely manner, they can cause serious damage to your property and health of the occupants.

The owner of KAY Plumbing & Construction, Albert Yeroumian is a Master Plumber and a General Contractor licensed by the California State License Board, CA Lic #659378.With over 30 years of experience, he specialized in Plumbing leak detection and repair services providing fast and reliable commercial emergency services. Our customers receive when deemed emergency plumbing services, upfront pricing, cost-effective plumbing practices, and peace of mind for completion of  a job done once and for all by a professional plumbing Contractor.


For your convenience, we accept checks as well as credit cards.

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Leak Repais

Complete Plumbing Services

    We provide Commercial Plumbing Services to over 800 customers annually, the experience and the know-how in our field makes us an expert from the 30 years of performing Plumbing installations, replacements and repairs in commercial properties. Whether you’re interested in maintaining your commercial property's main sewer lines free from clogs, to faulty water pressure regulator replacements, or leaking roof drain pipes, or sewer cast iron pipe replacements, or domestic water and fire protection main lines replacements or repairs, you can be sure we’ll get your plumbing installation, replacement, or repair done promptly with 100% guaranteed workmanship.

  We have dedicated over 30 years of service in our line of work and we’re happy to serve our customers in local communities of Central California.

   KAY Plumbing & Construction is a licensed and insured residential and commercial plumbing and property improvements company located in Fresno, CA servicing all your Plumbing Emergencies, gas, water, and sewer/drain and hydro-jetting needs.

You can count on us for professional advice, top quality workmanship and comprehensive services. We offer environmentally friendly products and services.

EQ Vlvs
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Recirculating pump 1
Water Presssure Regulators
Separated house & Garden water Lines
Gas valves & Line Installs & Repairs
Plumbing Services

Sewer Lateral & Drain Cleaning

   In commercial properties, usage over a long period of time, corrosion of the cast iron drain lines, grease and waste debris collection in the drain pipes, foundation shifts, tree roots growth and other factors all damage and cause clogs and stoppages in drain/sewer laterals.


We provide rooter services,  unclog drain and sewer lateral waste lines with both the old, trusted methods and the latest techniques.

  Our specialty is repairing leaking, damaged, broken and or off-set drain/sewer pipes - saving our customers both time and money.

- Where deemed, we use video inspection cameras to locate the stoppage in laterals or to see any offset and breakage of the pipes.
- Hydro-jet cleaning is available for clogged and tree root filled sewer lateral lines. We thoroughly explain the drain/sewer pipe repairs to customers and discuss the recommend the best solutions and options given their particular case so they can choose the best repair option that suits them.

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Sewer Lateral & Drain Cleaning
Underground Pipe
Whole House Repipes
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