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Copper, water pinhole leak repair
Top out rough plumbing
Commercial sink installation
Irrigation manifold and water lines lines
Gauging the Water Pressure
Roof top boiler water line repair
Recirculating pump 1
Commercial bathroom
Multi-family building maintenance
water pressure regulator installation
Sewer Clean out Installation
Hydro-jet services 2
Commercial garbage disposer
Commercial faucet
Water leak repair
Irrigation manifold & water lines
Reverse osmosis filtration
 Water heaters replacements.
Earth quake gas shut-off valves installations.
Boiler & reservoir tank
Underground pipe repairs & replacements.
Plumbing Repairs
Check valve replacements.
Pumps replacements.
Leak repairs.
Main water shut-off valve replacements.
Sump pumps replacements.
Sump pumps replacements.
Water main line repairs.
Underground water leak repairs.
Copper & Galvanized cross connections causing pinhole leaks
Commercial water main line repairs.
Main Gate valve replacements.
Cast iron drain leak repairs.
Underground irrigation main line repairs.
8", water main line repair.
2", seismic gas shut-off valve.
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